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Fortunate to Be Coached By Dan!

Okay so back to what I know and love. (BASKETBALL) I just heard the news about San Antonio Silver Stars Coach Dan Hughes stepping down today. He will now assume full-time role as general manager.. Coach Hughes has a long  coaching resume but in the WNBA he led  Charlotte and Cleveland to the playoffs and San Antonio Silver Stars to the WNBA  finals. He was also named Coach of the Year twice. Enough with the bio, I know this guy and his family.… Read the rest

The History of My “Stalker” . .

Wow, It seems like forever since I posted a blog, hope you didn’t miss me to much ;). This weekend I was really busy and did a lot of traveling around but it was a great weekend and I found out some really good information about the man who has been stalking me since I first arrived here in Turkey. Everywhere I go I see this man. I can’t get away from him. I walk in a store, a gym, a mall, even a bathroom he is there.  Every time I reach in my wallet to pay for something, there he is staring at me, everywhere I go I see his cold blue eyes staring at me, watching my every move- no I’m not talking about “Big Brother” but none other than, Mustapha Kemal ,”The Man of Turkey” or as some say “The Genius of the 20th Century.Read the rest

Cleveland Rock on with yo Bad Self!!!

Cleveland Rocks Baby and if you didn’t think it rocked before well it’s rocking and raising the roof now. Yes I will say it and don’t you repeat it…My all-time favorite UNC player Antwan Jamison will join my Favorite NBA player Lebron James in Cleveland. (Yes I like somethings about UNC) Yes I hope this trade puts the Cavaliers 43 and 11 over the hump even though the  (LA Lakers are a very big hump 42 and 13).… Read the rest

Coach Yow’s Legacy Lives On….

Coach Kay Yow was my college coach, but most importantly my mentor. She passes away last year after an ongoing fight with Breast Cancer. This year N C State had the 5th annual Hoops For Hope Event that Coach Yow started to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. She had fought the disease for so long that she decided to turn a negative into a positive by startingthe Hoops For Hope Event. I wasn’t able to attend this year, but alot of my former teammates where there to support the event.  This year’s event was even more special because they raised a banner in honor of Coach Kay Yow.… Read the rest

Giving love on Valentine’s!

I was told yesterday  by the captain of my team that we were going to visit a homeless shelter for kids and to buy some toys that we could give them as gifts.

I spent the entire morning searching for toys. I had no idea that I would have such a hard time finding toys that I thought they children would really like and appreciate.  So I tried to imagine what I could have possibly wanted if I was a child again.  I finally decided to get some Spider Man and Hanna Montana Theme Back Packs that I figured would come in handy with school supplies and also for the kids to have something to store the other purchases that my teammates had picked out for them.… Read the rest