2017 NC Sports Hall of Fame #flashbackfriday

If I hadn’t learned to love myself I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today.

I saw the pictures from the 2017 Hall of Fame event this week on Twitter and immediately started reminiscing. From a very young age I was very confident in myself despite being made fun of about my height, weight, glasses, awkwardness, tomboyish demeanor and being a preacher’s kid. Everyone talks about being themselves and I’ve always tried to be myself despite how challenging it is in this society when you’re only accepted when you’re a certain type of self.

Thinking back over my basketball journey, I have become extremely comfortable with being a spiritual misfit, uniquely awkward, goofy, happy, naively optimistic,introverted, imperfect,weird,beautiful black woman. I had to study and learn more about my belief in my spiritual ideal “Jesus” and my attitudes towards my success and my failures, my love for the law of attraction and spirituality in general. You can find out more about my journey in my book At The End of the Day. Although this learning process is ongoing, it’s surreal to become a part of the state of North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame at this point in my life. I’m very proud of my accomplishments but I know that I can do more.

Photographed by Nic Davidson. North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame Thursday Media and Reception. STRAWBRIDGE STUDIOS INCORPORATED. North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. David Crandall. Bobby Guthrie. Don Fish. 05.04.17
It’s always a rewarding feeling to make your Dad proud.

It is very humbling to be chosen to join other great coaches and players that I idolized and dreamed of playing for or against as a young athlete. I appreciate this honor and the opportunity to go down in history. This award is special not just for me but everyone that has supported me over the years. It is such an incredible honor to be recognized in your home state and make your Dad proud.

Click here to check out my Hall of Fame speech To go directly to my speech fast forward to the 47 minute mark.

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  1. Chas you have always been my favorite female player! U & your sister use to do me so wrong on the court! I will never forget back in 95 when u gave me a black eye!! I don’t know what made me feel I needed to even attempt to go up for a rebound with u& your sis in the paint but I did & your elbow came down on my right eye….It stayed black for weeks!! U have been such an inspiration for so many & I admire u for That!! Keep being great & I will always remember the only female thats ever given me a black eye

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