Chasity Melvin Press Kit

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2017 NC Sports Hall of Fame #flashbackfriday

If I hadn’t learned to love myself I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today.

I saw the pictures from the 2017 Hall of Fame event this week on Twitter and immediately started reminiscing. From a very young age I was very confident in myself despite being made fun of about my height, weight, glasses, awkwardness, tomboyish demeanor and being a preacher’s kid. Everyone talks about being themselves and I’ve always tried to be myself despite how challenging it is in this society when you’re only accepted when you’re a certain type of self.… Read the rest

“At The End of The Day” My Why?

Today is an exciting day for me. I’m finally publishing my first book, “At The End of The Day” a devotional memoir. The self publishing journey has been filled with trepidation, distractions, fear, excitement, sadness, anger, and every emotional word that you can think of. I finished the book in 2014, but couldn’t “get out of my own way” to publish it. Many close to me thought it was fear keeping me from doing what I needed to do, and although I battled fear writing the book and going through the editing process, fear isn’t what kept me from publishing it.… Read the rest

What Freedom Means to Me? Faith or Sport? #fibaallowhijab

Growing up as a young black girl, I always felt that I could never totally be free.  There were so many things that I encountered that didn’t give me a sense of freedom. Whether it was the relaxer that was clumped on my head to make it more manageable and appealing, the extreme prejudice I felt due to the color of my skin. The nonacceptance of not being “lady like” and wanting to play basketball and being made fun of for always playing with the boys stung.My nerdy glasses, above average height and awkward looks saddled me with insecurity and left me feeling discomfort in my own skin.… Read the rest

The 40 year old Superstar Intern Blog


Here I am talking with Cappie Pondexter and networking with

I began life after retirement  thinking okay let me go become the next Robin Roberts. I had participated in the NBPA’s SportsCaster U and I thought I was pretty impressive. I was certain the sports media outlets would think so as well.

Quickly into my transition I found securing a career in sports media after playing was  very challenging. For the first time in my life I was in unfamiliar territory and I learned that I would no longer be given a chance to show my talents physically.… Read the rest