Leading the Pack

Well I find myself in a veteran leadership position here in Botas Turkey. I learned tonight from my teammates that I’m old and since I’m in my 30’s I have to always have my shirt tucked in (even with sweats). I’m not allowed to act silly anymore. There definitely has to be some type of plan for my life and I should be living it out.  These comments came from the young bucks on my team  Sharnee’ Zoll, Courtney Paris and Epiphany Prince. I thought I would talk alittle bit about them  on this blog and show them some love since I might actually mention them from time to time..

My pt guard Sharnee’ Zoll 23 played at UVA  and she is currently leading in assist in Euro-cup.  She is forever dropping dimes to me that I’m starting to feel extreme heat when I blow my layups.  She is about 5’5 and even though she is little she plays big. She is also my translator for the coach and everything else that is going on, because if you know me I’m usually in my own world. I also suffer a little ADD…lol  I would tell you how she was off the court but she is always talking to her boo back in the states.  I ain’t mad at her , “Love is a Beautiful Thing”.

Courtney Paris age 22 played for Oklahoma and we all recently watched this double double machine throughout her career. Courtney (CoCo) is what I call her, is the only big girl I’ve ever met that actually had no problem sitting in the middle between two shorties.  All I can say is WOW!  She’s a very nice person and a heck of a player. I mean we go at in practice and all I can say is if Coco is in the paint I can forget about getting that rebound. To watch her is one thing, to play against her or with her is a whole different story. I definitely think we will make each other alot better. It has definitely been fun for me playing with my back to the basket again against her. Tiring but fun!!!!

Last but not least is Miss Epiphany Prince that played for Rutgers. She just turned 22 on this past Monday. Happy Birthday Piphdagr8! I’m not gonna say my age but I’m now 10 years her senior. She has even called me “Old Head” on twitter, and she wants me to follow her and tell others. (Kids these days)  This is a big time scorer you guys and it’s alot of fun to watch her play and workout with. She is always sleeping  or rapping to Jay Z. She loves this guy and if you don’t know She’s from New York!!!

I enjoy these girls and I just try to help them out when I can, but I definitely don’t try to keep up with them. Heck they can’t keep up with me..Maybe one day they will be as smooth as me. I may be older this is true, but I’m still on the court making it do what it do!!!!

(L-R) Sharnee' Zoll, Chasity Melvin, Epiphany Prince, Courtney Paris.

Oh No!! Blake Griffin out for the rest of the season

I can’t believe Blake Griffin the first round pick by the Los Angeles Clippers is done. I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan ready for him to make his debut. I feel so bad for him. Injuries are tough, but he hasn’t even played an official game yet. I hope he recovers well and comes back strong next season.

Did you guys see the Connecticut Sun and Minnesota Lynx trade. Wow,” what do I think about Lindsey Whalen going to play with Simone Agustus and all those athletic post?? . .”. All I can say is “SCARY”. Minnesota is going to be tough. Connecticut wins also if they draft Tina Charles with the number one pick to play alongside Asjah Jones. Wow, I wonder what else is going to go down in the “W”.

This is going to be a very competitive summer. Speaking of which . . I better go on and get my workout in for today. . .

Getting Lost in The Translation . . I guess . . .

Taxi In Turkey

Today I had to catch a cab and unfortunately my Turkish is not as good as my English.  Heres how it goes down . . .

I get in the cab and I say my address in Turkish. . “Yirmi Yari-Yariya Sokak”. . I think I’m good and thinking I’ll be home soon.  Well the driver doesn’t understand my NOT so “New York” accent and I have to direct him to my apt.  . Well I figure I know how to say right and left in Turkish so I don’t panic and being giving the directions . . “ sar”(right)   . . .“sol”(left)  and somehow I end up at my destination (Thank You Lawd!).  While we drove he  talked to me in Turkish and all I could think about was the scene from “Rush Hour” when Chris Tucker was like “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH”. . . . but instead I just responded in English whenever there was a pause and he seem to expect a reply . .  It was actually one of the best conversations I had in while, since I knew I wasn’t being judged on my listening skills and and that no true response was needed from me . .  . . its good some times just to be the talker. . LOL

Earlier today my poodle named Reddington (Redd) who I call my child, really “cut-up” (being bad) .  I had took him to the gym with me  and instead of leaving him in the locker room I decided to bring him up on the court with me, and While I’m working out with my coach and Piphdagr8, Redd starts barking-, No YELPING at the top of his lungs. He’s normally a very good dog and I knew he didn’t needed to use the bathroom because I already took him out so me and him have to have some 1 on 1 and I try to tell him to stop barking and scold him a bit with lots of ” bad boy” “ bad boy” yet to no avail, so I stop my workout and take him back to down to the locker room where he continued showing off his barking skills or his Yelping. . .

Needless to say I was embarrassed and I now know exactly what my mom meant when she was like “don’t you come out in public and embarrass me.”   . . . Redd is now on punishment

It seemed everything was being lost in translations today. I guess when I was trying to talk to him and get him to calm down he was like I  DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!” . . .

One thing not lost in translation was the tragic news about the earthquake in Haiti. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims.  I looked at all the pictures and it just made me teary eyed thinking of all the families separated,  and people searching for their loved ones.

It’s a very sad time there and I just pray that the people have the strength and courage to fight on and rebuild. I pray with everyones help they can have a speedy recovery. And EVERYONE is going to have to help! (DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH??!!!)


Although alot of my attention has gone to the News Coverage of the Haiti Earthquake I was able to catch a few Basketball Highlights.  . . I have really been enjoying John Wall this year.  He is definitely bringing winning back as well as swagger to the Wildcats.

He may not be dancing with the stars but he is dancing “for” the fans.  Have you seen his own dance that he has now? . .  I watched him do it and everyone is talking about it . . although he said it isn’t his dance and that . .“I never thought it would get so big.” …Well Hello Mr. Wall it’s big! . . Especially if I’m hearing about it over here in Adana, Turkey. . . I can hear the DJ  now “do the John Wall -do the John Wall- do the John Wall and on three you FALL”!!!


Been around the World and I, I I I, I . . .

Merkez Mosque in Adana, Largest in Turkey

Hi Everyone, I’m in Adana Turkey playing basketball for Botas Spor Women’s Club. I’ve been here for almost a month now and I must say Turkey is very interesting.

Some of you may know and some may not, but I have been playing professional basketball for 11 years now. (“I’ve been around the world (playing) and I, I I, I can’t find my baby, I don’t know and I don’t know why (b-ball gets in the way) but I’m gonna find him.”’) . . . Shout out to all the Lisa Stansfield lovers)

Okay getting back to the story as I said earlier, Im in Adana Turkey and we play one game a week, so this past Sunday I’m hype while waiting to play the game . . . and well we win the game but I only  play like 12 mins because I can’t stop fouling.

..Yeah first game I’m in foul trouble but I was still okay with 8 pts and 5 reb, but come on! . . .Needless to say I already don’t like the refs although there havent been any refs that I like except the ones in the WNBA. The refs in the WNBA do a fantastic job.

Buy my other teammates picked it up for me (Shout out to  Sharnae Zoll, Ephiphany Prince, and Courtney Paris ) and we won the game.  I’m playing with some really young players here and they are always calling me Old Head..These youngsters where is the respect these days, but I love these girls and they are actually making this game fun for me again. I think when I finish here I will have some of the love back that I’ve lost throughout my career.( we’ll talk about that another time)

After the game I came back to my apt and 20 mins later my neighbor knocked on the door and brought me a piece of cake.  It made my night and I thought it was because of the game, but come  to find out, here in Turkey when you cook something it’s custom to share it with your neighbor. I don’ t cook much so I don’t know what I will be sharing but I thought about sharing some of my pancakes. Do you think they would like that?

Anyways the shopping is good here, and the religion here is Islam and my city has the biggest Mosque in the country (Pictured above).  So five times a day I hear the man on the loudspeaker praying, and I’m not converting from Christianity but it’s hard not to wake up. So I wake up for a minute say alittle prayer and go back to bed. This has actually boosted my prayer life and I hope to continue that when I get back.  -Side Note- (God is Good)
I have NBA TV here so my life isnt bad “I love this game!” I also dig Lebron James and the different color shoes to cordinate with his uniform.. I so dig it and I’m so gonna do it this summer..

. . . . Sad news with Arenas yeah I’m sad about it, I hate to see a great player or any athlete go down for a stupid mistake. Hey don’t get me wrong GUNS ARE TOTALLY WRONG, but Gilbert said himself he was joking, maybe it was a stupid joke but he owned up to it, now we are talking about taking away his career. He deserves to be punished but he also deserves to play again. After reading about the Gilbert Arenas situation, I’m just like what happened to the silent rule “What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room?” I aint sayin I’m just saying…

OldSkool with the NewSkool . . Im enjoying these girls!!!