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Here I am talking with Cappie Pondexter and networking with

I began life after retirement  thinking okay let me go become the next Robin Roberts. I had participated in the NBPA’s SportsCaster U and I thought I was pretty impressive. I was certain the sports media outlets would think so as well.

Quickly into my transition I found securing a career in sports media after playing was  very challenging. For the first time in my life I was in unfamiliar territory and I learned that I would no longer be given a chance to show my talents physically. In order to get my foot in the door I’d have to have great connections  or look exceptional on my resume. The lack of experience on my resume and playing year-round didn’t put me at the top of any company’s list.

Hi my name is Chasity Melvin retired WNBA allstar and NCSU Hall of Famer, 14 year pro baller that  had a magnificent around-the-world journey. I was fortunate to play 12 seasons in the WNBA and 14 years abroad in eight different countries winning championships, living life and  experiencing  different cultures and encountering all nationalities.

I hung up the shoes in 2013 thinking life after retirement would be as fantastic as my playing career. That’s until I got my first few no’s when trying to get a job.  I didn’t like hearing in the  pro sports world “it’s a business decision”but I had an even tougher time in my post sports career  hearing “you don’t have enough experience”.IMG_1311

My journey didn’t start out with a bang but the no’s humbled me and I began trying different things commentating games, life coaching, working at a TV station, coaching basketball, putting on clinics, speaking engagements, mostly independent contract work also known as ” grinding and hustling. Once I started to embrace the journey I began to learn so much more about myself and life.

So after turning 40, a few jobs, creative starts, and the completion of my first book coming in August, my journey continues this summer as an intern for the NBRPA association also know as Legends. The  first day on the job was great as the NBRPA partnered with my former team the Chicago Sky‘s Sky Cares Foundation and 2nd annual golf charity outing.

Here I am chalking it up with Erika de Souza about life after the game.
Here I am chalking it up with Erika de Souza about life after the game.

Both organizations share the same goals of inspiring others and giving back and the athletes are instrumental in those efforts. My first day on the job gave me an opportunity to talk with the current players about life after basketball and advice on how to start preparing early. It’s also important for them to know that the NBRPA is a valuable asset for them post playing career so that they are not alone in the transition process. Make sure you follow the blog and keep up with this new chapter of my life story. Until next time remember you’re never too old to learn. Keep dreaming, believing and never give up.


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